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Fresh Starts -- Second Chances

March 2016

Because of This

I’ve been sorting through old pictures and reflecting on the past lately, thinking of all of the one-thing-led-to-another moments in our lives.

That train of thought brought me back to 1968. I was a selfish seventeen-year-old girl who broke up with her boyfriend and then was miserable because of it. And then my father died suddenly of a heart attack, and in the midst of my shock and sadness, the boy I’d hurt came alongside me and held me up. And BECAUSE OF THIS I was humbled and changed and grew up a little. 

And BECAUSE OF THIS, we were married two years later.

Seven years later, in 1979, our two-year-old son fell off a slide. As I scooped him up, I had no idea that God would use that one terrifying moment to direct the course of our future. 

BECAUSE OF THIS, we took him to a chiropractor. BECAUSE OF THIS, when my husband was laid off from his job, he decided to embark on a new career path in chiropractic. BECAUSE OF THIS, we moved from Wisconsin to Iowa and then to a new town in Wisconsin. BECAUSE OF THIS, we drove past a rustic sign pointing to a little white church. BECAUSE OF THIS, we became part of a wonderful Christian family. 

BECAUSE OF THIS, our oldest son became a counselor at a church camp. BECAUSE OF THIS, he met a beautiful co-counselor and fell in love.

BECAUSE we moved to a place where we saw that sign and joined that church, my second son was sitting on the floor in the basement of his youth leaders’ home when a girl he’d never met walked down the stairs. My son told his friend, “I’m going to marry that girl.” And so he did. And BECAUSE he was the little boy who fell off the slide and BECAUSE OF THIS had grown up benefiting from the chiropractic lifestyle, this boy also became a doctor of chiropractic.

Also BECAUSE OF joining that church, my third son found his best friend. And that friend had a beautiful sister. And pretty soon my son had a new best friend. 

And then another family joined the church and they had a beautiful daughter. And my fourth son picked on her for years before the teasing and laughter turned to love.

And, BECAUSE OF ALL OF THIS, we are the ridiculously blessed grandparents of fifteen amazing kids and on Friday we celebrated 44 years of marriage.

Whatever you’re facing, remember that this--this painful or frightening or regret-filled season or moment--could be the spark that sets off a chain reaction that leads to blessings beyond anything you can imagine.

Do you have a BECAUSE OF THIS story?

Because of Brokenness

Feeling shattered? Never doubt that God can use your brokenness. I'm sharing personal experience at Putting on the New
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