Becky Melby - Company Message

Talk Topics
I am available to speak to women's groups and writers' gatherings. Contact me here for more information.

Faded Letters/Forgotten Rooms - Power Point presentation of "Then and Now" pictures depicting the history behind Tomorrow's Sun, Yesterday's Stardust, and Today's Shadows. 

Designed to Shine -- Like diamonds in the rough, we were created to reflect the light of God's glory. But first we must go through the five stages of diamond cutting--Planning,Cleaving, Sawing, Bruting, and Polishing. 

Catalysts for Kindness-- What would happen in your circle of influence if you embarked on a 40-Day Acts of Kindness Experiment?

Put Your Husband in His Place -- Learning to love our men "as unto the Lord."

Are You Ready for Bethlehem?  -- (Christmas) Follow Mary as she packs for her journey to Bethlehem and the birth of the Christ Child. How can we simplify our preparations for the season to focus on that Child?

Writing through the Storm-- (For writers' groups) How to keep writing through rainy days and life's tsunamis. Using what we learn in our storms to enhance our stories.

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