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Burlington, Wisconsin author Becky Melby writes Contemporary Christian Fiction. Do You Know What I Know? is her sixteenth book. Married for 44 years, mother of four, grandmother to fifteen, Becky thrives on writing, reading, camping, rides on the back of a silver Gold Wing, and time with family. Connect with her at or Facebook

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Synopsis of Latest Release
Do You Know What I Know? 
A week before Christmas, a phone call from the obstetrician’s office goes to the wrong person, igniting a yule-log-size blaze of misunderstandings for two couples. Elizabeth Schmidt is hurt, Bethany Schmidt is confused, and Pastor Jay Davidson is wondering if God asking him to play the part of Joseph in real life and not just in the church Christmas program.  

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What people are saying about Do You Know What I Know? “Do You Know What I Know? is a warm, witty, light-hearted Christmas romance. It's the perfect sweet treat for the hectic, brisk holiday season. I find myself slipping away between chores to savor a moment alone with this book, as I do with my favorite chocolate I keep hidden in the cupboard.” LL“The author takes one sentence from a wonderful Christmas carol, a personal incident, and writes a truly fun, enjoyable, and sweet novella that will fill your heart.” AJK

“With engaging, lively characters, an interesting plot, and enough twists and tension to keep you turning the page, this is the perfect holiday read!” CH 

“I have been spoiled by the novels of this author. I hunger for the longer books by Becky Melby. The Lost Sanctuary series is beautifully written with characters who come alive and complex plots that draw you in, teach you history along the way, and leave you knowing you have been the beneficiary of an author who turns language into an art form. If you're looking for excellent novels, at any time of the year, don't miss those!”
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